As an equity investment company, we suspect that commercial companies in Africa are playing a vital role in boosting the continent by creating jobs, generating revenue, and stimulating economic growth. For that, we are investing in commercial companies regardless of industry or size hence amplifying their impact to achieve Africa’s full potential.

By accepting our offer, you are allowing Megatrust Inc to become a permanent partner in your company.

Why Choose us 

Welcome to Megatrust Inc, an equity investment company passionately committed to tackling Africa’s economic challenges head-on. Our vision is to become a leading investment powerhouse in Africa by 2050, driving economic transformation across the continent. We take pride in investing strategically in emerging companies, regardless of their industry or size, unleashing the untapped potential within Africa’s business landscape. At Megatrust, transparency is our guiding principle, ensuring our clients’ trust and confidence in our investments. Join us on this transformative journey as we invest in the future of Africa, empowering businesses to soar to new heights and shape a prosperous tomorrow. Together, let’s build an Africa of boundless opportunities.

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